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The Shaver Family

This story starts in Anchorage Alaska in 1993. Rob was stationed at Fort Richardson while serving his Country in the Army. Tiffaney being born and raised in Anchorage, met Rob.
Rob and Tiffaney (Robntiffs) continued to live in Alaska until March of 1996. They had a two month old baby girl (Kassie) and Rob had just gotten out of the Army. Tiffaney wanted to see the "rest of the world", and the job market was slim for Rob.
While still in Alaska, Tiffaney had a friend that introduced her to crafts. Having worked for a flower shop through high school, she knew how to make bows, so the craft Tiffaney and her friend started with was a floral arrangement. Rob always had a love for wood working, so when Rob wanted to join in, floral was not going to cut it for him. So there were wood pieces incorporated into the crafts. Robntiffs did their first show and displayed wooden bunnies dressed in children's clothes, and some wreaths. This show was in the basement of a church. They transported all items in TIffaney's Dodge Neon (in several trips).
Having moved out of Alaska, Rob, Tiffaney and Kassie ended up in Fostoria, Ohio. Rob was born and raised in Fostoria. They both have obtained employment and bought their first house. May of 1999 along comes their second daughter (Marissa). Still having the love of crafts Robntiffs decided they wanted to do shows in Ohio. So they started with Tiffaney making Christmas florals and Rob helping with all the "grunt work". Through the years this small hobby takes over a three car garage, goes from transporting in a Neon to a 16' enclosed trailer, and consumes the entire Shaver family from August to December.
Kassie and Marissa have known nothing other than Craft shows. When they were little they would stay with Grandma on show days and as they got older they would tag along to help. They would spend many hours in the garage with Mom and Dad, helping or just keeping them company. Both girls now off to college and out of the house leaves Mom and Dad on their own to keep up with the pace for the big production. This has lead Robntiffs to start thinking of more "body friendly" crafts. This thought lead them back to Rob's love of wood work. Tiffaney bought Rob a lathe for Christmas and the rest is history.
As with the florals the pens took off. It started with a few on display in the floral booths in the fall, and now has become a year round gig. Tiffaney still does the florals, but is hoping to move away from them and will now do Rob's "grunt work". After all he did help with hers for all those years.
In November of 2018 Rob and Tiffaney celebrated 25 years of marriage. Pretty remarkable given all the craziness life has to offer and then you add 20+ years of craft/art shows.
Now some about these amazing girls that helped with all these crafts through the years. Kassie graduated from Ohio Northern University as a Mechanical Engineer in May of 2018. In September of 2018 she married her high school sweetheart, Ben. They live in their home they purchased in Tiffin. Kassie is an Engineer at National Machinery, and Ben is the Production Manager at the Ritz Theater. Currently their kids consist of Titus, their Great Dane, and their kitty Fiona.
Marissa is a studying Biomedical Engineering at Trine University. When she graduates from there in May of 2021, her hope is to go onto graduate school. She is still exploring the options of where she would like to attend.
Kassie and Marissa always kept interested and helping as they knew that all the amazing family vacations through the years were made possible because of craft shows. Today, amazing vacations (mostly cruising) is what keeps Robntiffs going.

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